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Synthetic Deer Scent Success Since 1989!

Rochester, NY based Buck Fever Synthetic Scents (“BFS”) completed the acquisition of the Buck Fever® line of synthetic hunting scents and attractants in January 2019.

Previously, the product line was owned and manufactured by Michigan based Synthetic Scents LTD. The Buck Fever® brand, formerly known as HAWGS™ scents, has been producing a full line of pure synthetic deer and big game attractants for more than 20 years. Buck Fever® is now one of the oldest synthetic scent companies in existence.

The Buck Fever® line of synthetic scents is currently comprised of 3 core whitetail attractants – Pre/Post Rut, Forehead Gland, and Full Rut. The big game attractants are Bear Juice, Elk Wallow Juice, Moose Juice and a Boar rooting scent.

Troy Kailbourne, President of BFS, is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. “We are really excited to announce our acquisition of the Buck Fever® line of scents. With the mounting concern about CWD and the tidal wave of legislation sweeping across the US and Canada that is outright banning the use of natural cervid based urines, BFS is perfectly positioned to fill the void and capture market share that has been largely ignored by the big players in the scent manufacturing industry. Our opinion and the countless other hunters who have used BFS say our products are the best and most effective synthetic scents they’ve used!”

Rick Milham, Executive Vice President of BFS, is equally excited about the opportunities presented with the acquisition of the Buck Fever® line. “My personal experiences using the Buck Fever® scents and attractants have been nothing short of amazing. I have been using the products back to the days of HAWGS™ and these scents and attractants, are, without question, the best I have ever used. With the current trends in the marketplace and the need for a truly effective replacement for natural urines, I feel that Buck Fever® will quickly become the gold standard by which all other scents —natural or synthetic—will be measured against.”