Forehead Gland

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BF F-Gland simulates fresh forehead gland activity and can be used above scrapes and on trails and vegetation year round.


Outperforms gels, other gland scents!

BF Forehead Gland is the scent you use to simulate fresh forehead gland activity. Regular use will increase over-marking activity. Start marking overhead branches and rubs well before season and continue all season long. Also use it on trails and vegetation adjacent to stand sites during the season.

How To Use BF Gland

Use Buck Fever differently than you would real deer scent

Because Buck Fever is so potent and maintains its effectiveness so long and because it is reactivated by moisture, you are better able to “train” deer. Start using Buck Fever prior to the season to attract bucks. While you will still need to periodically replenish your areas with scent, especially as you hunt, you now will have a non-spoiling attractant working for you 24/7. Be careful not to try to attract bucks to too many different spots on one piece of property.

BF Gland is a synthetic forehead lure that imitates the scent a buck deposits on licking branches above scrapes and on buck rubs. Use BF Gland above real scrapes or mock scrapes to encourage other bucks to re-visit these scrapes more often. We suggest you use a small, clean chamois or other absorbant item on the over-hanging branch so the BF Gland lasts even longer (please clean up when done using). When dry, BF Gland crystallizes so it’s still present. Then when it’s moistened again from rain or dew, the scent reactivates to continue working!

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2 reviews for Forehead Gland

  1. craig johnson

    unbelievable! a buddy told me to try it. 3 days ago I made 4 mock scrapes. I used the forehead gland spray in the licking branches and the full rut formula on the ground. 3 of the scrapes i put where there has never been any scrapes, the 4th was in a bad blowdown bramble area that i have never seen a deer travel through. all 4 scrapes were destroyed and lots of doe tracks on top of the tine marks. i quit trying all of the other brands years ago because i have never had success with them. I live next to a federal refuge that is full of deer and lots of scrapes, but have never seen scrapes opened up like this. i am now a firm believer and will use this product for years to come. i hope this helps out my 13 and 11 year old on November 15! good luck hunting

  2. Derrick B McDonald

    Bought this product on a whim after finding a real scrape 20 yards from one of my stands. The trail cam showed a lot of different buck using this scrape. I sprayed some BF forehead on the licking branch, and the amount of bucks doubled! I’ve since made 3 mock scrapes with BF scents and use the forehead scent every time I go in to check cameras. To my amazement deer (bucks and doe) are still using these scrapes in the middle of February. I’m hooked!!!!!!

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