Pre/Post Rut

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Blows away real deer urine in a bottle! This synthetic urine formula can be used to condition deer into frequenting an area year round.


Blows away real deer pee!

Attracts all deer all year long. Blows away real deer urine in a bottle! Use to scent mark trails, scrapes, vegetation. Regular use will encourage bucks and does to over-mark with their urine/feces. Start your synthetic scrapes in summer to attract deer for early season. Also effective for first time setups and scent trails.

How To Use BF Pre/Post Rut

Use Buck Fever differently than you would real deer scent

Because Buck Fever is so potent and maintains its effectiveness so long and because it is reactivated by moisture, you are better able to “train” deer. Start using Buck Fever prior to the season to attract bucks. While you will still need to periodically replenish your areas with scent, especially as you hunt, you now will have a non-spoiling attractant working for you 24/7. Be careful not to try to attract bucks to too many different spots on one piece of property.

Ever notice that when your dog pees on a tree in your yard, any other dog that passes it will also pee on it? BF Pre/Post Rut is the year round synthetic urine that encourages deer to socialize and re-mark their territories often because it makes deer think that other deer have been there. It can be used year round in real and mock scrapes. Keep your scent to a minimum with Vanishing Hunter and apply about 1/4 of an 8oz. bottle initially. Re-check your scrapes occassionally and re-apply as needed every few months, depending on the weather.

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3 reviews for Pre/Post Rut

  1. Troy Bengel (verified owner)

    I have been using Buck Fever Pre-Post Rut, since the first year the product hit the market. I have been bowhunting/hunting for almost 40 yrs. I had for the first 20 or so years tried and used every scent product ever made. You know what? None of them worked! I’m sorry, simply my opinion based on lack of results. So, when I first met the folks at Buck Fever, I was skeptical. But I listened to their explanation of why others do not work, at least consistently and why buck fever does work. I decided to give it a try. I have used Pre/post rut ever since, used it in natural scrapes and more importantly mock scrapes. I have had tremendous success with this product. My scrapes had turned from pizza box sizes to table top sizes, virtually over night. My mock scrapes have returned every year since I made them and applied Pre/Post. Best of all, it has worked the same in several states, I have hunted. WI, KS, IA, MN, MT,SD. Here is the best part, why I think Buck Fever Synthetics are the best, I had several years ago, made a mock scrape on a fence row, bordering a soybean field, that in one week was pounded by 6 different bucks! So what, you say? This was in the middle of June!

  2. Dylan Smith

    This is hands down, the best product you will ever use. That is, if you are serious about scrape hunting. The key is to know how they work, and when and where to set them up. Don’t be a skeptic with your traditional nighttime scrape hunting visits. This product will allow you to pull that elusive buck out of the darkness by giving him no choice but to investigate the new intruder during daylight hours. I can’t explain it very well, I just know it works and is a fun way to hunt!

  3. David Neuman

    Pre-Post has been my go-to scent for camera scouting and hunting since 04. No other scent had shown such a draw for bucks, does and fawns all months of the year. I can’t say enough; my wife, kids and several others I’ve introduced to deer hunting have all shot their first while the deer were working Pre-Post mock scrapes.

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