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A dominant buck urine formula, BF-Rut blows away all bottled “hot doe” or “dominant buck” pee! Use BF-Rut mainly in scrapes, on scent trails or around your stand.


Blows away hot doe and dominant buck pee!

The synthetic alternative to both hot doe and dominant buck pee scents. Use it to make scent trails, in scrapes or around your stand sites. Use just prior to, during or just after the rut. Regular use will encourage scent over-marking.

How To Use BF Rut

Use Buck Fever differently than you would real deer scent

Because Buck Fever is so potent and maintains its effectiveness so long and because it is reactivated by moisture, you are better able to “train” deer. Start using Buck Fever prior to the season to attract bucks. While you will still need to periodically replenish your areas with scent, especially as you hunt, you now will have a non-spoiling attractant working for you 24/7. Be careful not to try to attract bucks to too many different spots on one piece of property.

BF Rut is for use in real and mock scrapes, scent drags, and on nearby vegetations and trails during and just prior to and after peak rutting phase. This scent imitates a dominant buck scent and serves to “offend” any other dominant bucks in the area by making him think and intruder has moved in.
Caution: Don’t use this if you aren’t willing to scare away smaller, inferior bucks from your hunting area!

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  1. craig johnson

    amazing stuff, twice the price of tinks with 10 times the action! thanks for such a good product – as Uncle Ted says “Wack em and Stack em! it will make a difference on your hunts. make a mock scrape, use 2 oz on it then, use the neck gland formula 15 pumps check it in two days and you will be amazed at the action around the scrape, i just put out 4 cams on each of my scrapes im excited to check my cards in 3 days. good luck hunting!

  2. DeWayne Gilley

    Absolutely deadly! I have been using this for years. From making mock scrapes to laying scent trails, it is THE MOST effective scent i have ever tried and the ONLY brand i use now! Year after year it flat out produces results!!

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