Gamechanger Full Rut


The complete Gamechanger Full Rut combo that you can use during the rut.

  • Always fresh
  • Never spoils
  • No bacterial breakdown


Buck Fever Synthetic Scents are 100% SYNTHETIC. They contain no animal urines, feces or secretions of any kind. Made in the USA.


The complete Gamechanger Full Rut 3-piece combo includes:

  • 8 oz. Vanishing Hunter
  • 4 oz. Full Rut
  • 4 oz. Forehead Gland


Vanishing Hunter is safe to use on skin, camo and all hunting gear including trail cameras to help reduce deer-alarming odors

Use Full Rut when bucks are in a frenzy – seeking and chasing does in heat. Full Rut Formula works with scent drippers, scent canisters and drag rags to scent mark trails, scrapes or vegetation.

Spray Forehead Gland attractant to overhanging branches. The overhanging branch is key at any scrape or mock scrape. From this gland, deer deposit scent secretions that communicate age, social ranking, dominance and breeding status.


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