I’ve had trouble with my Forehead Gland sprayer plugging up. What should I do?

Here’s what we currently know. We purposely add elements to make this formula crystallize. The benefits of creating this solid residue for scent hunters are huge. This causes Forehead Gland to become time-released for months and water (or rain) also re-activates it instead of washing it away. However, this chemistry seems to be creating problems […]

Which product or products are used more within your Synthetic Scent System?

The two products most successful hunters use more of are Vanishing Hunter and Pre-Post Rut. Our serious hunters seem to use Vanishing Hunter almost like it’s water. And once they achieve going totally undetected they never go back. Our most serious scrape hunters also use a great deal of Pre-Post Rut in their synthetic scrapes […]

Which are your best products and/or the best way to use BF-Synthetics?

BF-Synthetics were designed by our founder Kevin Kreh as a complete system. And we definitely recommend using his entire scent “recipe” for success. First, begin by using Vanishing Hunter to eliminate your human (or predator) odor. Once you experience never being busted again you’ll never hunt without first using VH. After you’re scent-free, use one […]