BF-Synthetics were designed by our founder Kevin Kreh as a complete system. And we definitely recommend using his entire scent “recipe” for success. First, begin by using Vanishing Hunter to eliminate your human (or predator) odor. Once you experience never being busted again you’ll never hunt without first using VH. After you’re scent-free, use one of our urines (Pre/Post Rut or Rut, depending on timing) in scrapes and/or scent trails. Use FGland for scent communication on licking branches, rubs, or the vegetation around your setups. Always make your synthetic setups in runways (preferred travel) with overhanging branches (needed for scent communication). One major secret is to setup a row (several in a line) of synthetic scrapes and/or rubs. Finally, only use this system as a scouting tool as deer let you know by their response (or non-response) whether they like your setup area or not. For detailed information about best setups watch either of our videos and/or read our “Directions for best results” document.

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