Here’s what we currently know. We purposely add elements to make this formula crystallize. The benefits of creating this solid residue for scent hunters are huge. This causes Forehead Gland to become time-released for months and water (or rain) also re-activates it instead of washing it away. However, this chemistry seems to be creating problems and plugging our fine mist sprayers (which aids in hunter application). We’re currently testing new sprayers to find a better solution. We may have found one that is working better and will probably switch before long. But even if we must eliminate the sprayer option all together we refuse to change our formula. In fact, we know it’s because of our special formula that we get the best deer hunting results. Meanwhile a few hunters have bought some small sprayer bottles from the discount store that seem to be working for them. Hang in there with us and we’ll resolve this before too much longer.

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