While most scent eliminators are basically the same, Vanishing Hunter is truly different and by far superior to any other. That’s because VH is designed specifically to go right to the source (both on your skin and in your mouth) of your game allerting stink. We indeed take odor control serious and don’t believe in using a bandaid for something as major as human (or predator) odor. Today we know through safe chemistry VH accomplishes something no other product ever has. When used as directed VH has now defeated the nose of any scent wary animal, including the mature whitetail. In fact, we’ve not been detected to a danger level by any critter since 1989 (long before odor absorbing clothing) and actually prefer the wind blowing directly at them if possible (really). So we ask this question, where’s our competition!!??  For detailed information and exactly what we do for total scent control read our “Smart Deer Hunter” document.

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